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Connect via Facebook Messenger

Connect with your Customers on Facebook Messenger

Integrating Facebook Messenger with a CRM


Reach your Customers at Every Stage

2.4B people will use Facebook Messenger next year and it’s one of the most popular mobile apps in the world. It lets you use Facebook Messenger to its full potential and integrate multiple CRMs with it.

  • Marketing CRM

  • Sales CRM

  • Support CRM

  • Maximizing Your Facebook Advertising

    Utilize Click-to-Messenger Ads to direct prospects to Messenger for lead qualification, payments, and ongoing conversations.

  • Turn conversations into conversion

    Have personalized one-on-one conversations thatnresonate with your customers to deepen customer relationships and brand loyalty.

  • Send Marketing Messages

    Reach your audience where they are: on the app they're already using, whether it's the Facebook website or the mobile Facebook Messenger app. This will boost conversion rates more effectively than standard channels.


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Frequently asked questions

Need help with something? Here are our most frequently asked questions.

How much does it cost to send messages to Facebook Messenger?

When you reply to customer-initiated messages, it is free within a 7-day window. Sending promotional messages may incur charges in the future with Meta's Marketing Messages feature. Currently, sending marketing messages is free, and any trial changes will be communicated well in advance.

Can I send DMs from AnyChat?

Yes, you can. After engaging with users through posts, story comments, reactions, mentions, etc., you can individually reply to DMs within 7 days.

Do I need to be a follower to send DMs?

No, it is possible to send messages even to non-followers.

Deliver the best customer experience