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Boost Customers’ CRM with AnyChat

Make your original support flow. You can Provide a more targeted visitor experience.


Predict customer needs and give

Drive customer conversations through chat to delivery customized customer experience

  • Segment delivery using tags

    Anychat have categorize customer’s features and behaviors. By delivering appropriate approach messages, it can lead to conversion up.

  • Automated Scenario Delivery

    From First Encounter to Final Sale use automation. Make lasting relationships when you get right time to promotion. This can help save manpower costs.

  • Original Greeting Message and FAQs

    With Line's rich menu, you can customize automatic FAQs. To quickly respond to customer inquiries and ensure that no potential sale is lost.

New Experience

Customize your customer journey

Encourage the posting comments on Instagram Live and send automated DM to customers.

  • Notifications by purchase or shipment

    You can automate message delivery based on product shipping or ID linkage. Shopify site integration is available.

    Notifications by purchase or shipment
  • Original tags

    You can perform segment delivery to customers narrowed down by customer tags.

    Original tags
  • Chat management

    To smoothly assign tasks to staff members and respond promptly by quickly identifying the responsible person in charge (PIC).

    Chat management
  • FAQ from rich menu

    Customers can now have a scalable communication channel for support and FAQs, further enhancing customer touchpoints.

    FAQ from rich menu


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Frequently asked questions

Need help with something? Here are our most frequently asked questions.

If you do not have a LINE account, can I use AnyChat?

Yes, you can. We will assist you in creating your LINE account and setting it up initially.

Can I use AnyChat if I already have a LINE Official Account (formerly LINE@)?

Certainly. You can seamlessly switch and use your existing LINE Official Account.

Is the cost of the official LINE account included?

The cost of the official LINE account is not included. The cost of the LINE account varies depending on the number of messages sent. Details of the fees are available on the LINE Official Account page below.

Can you cancel messages sent through AnyChat?

No, the messages sent from AnyChat cannot be undone. Please make sure to review before sending.

Deliver the best customer experience